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Mo Katibeh Discusses Working With an Introvert

Mo Katibeh: Working with an Introvert

Mo Katibeh is the Chief Operating Officer of RingCentral and is a self-proclaimed introvert. In an interview with RingCentral, he talks about his experiences of being an introvert in a corporate setting. Despite his introverted nature, Mo has found success in his work.

When asked about how he manages his introversion in a corporate setting, Mo says that he sees it as a strength. He says that while it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with others, it also gives him the ability to be an effective listener. This is an important skill in any workplace, and Mo believes that it helps him to understand the perspectives of his colleagues and clients.

Mo also talks about how he adapts his communication style to be more effective. He says that he tries to be more direct in his communication, and he also tries to be more outgoing. This helps him to build relationships with his colleagues and clients.

Mo also emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself. As an introvert, he finds that he needs to take breaks in order to recharge and stay productive. He recommends that everyone takes the time to recognize when they need to take a break and to do something to relax and relieve stress.

Finally, Mo talks about the importance of setting boundaries. He says that it is important to be able to say “no” and to prioritize your own needs and values. He also believes that it is important to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and to use them to your advantage.

All in all, Mo Katibeh believes that being an introvert can be a strength in any workplace. He has used his introversion to his advantage, and he encourages others to do the same. By understanding his own needs and setting boundaries, Mo has been able to succeed in his role as the Chief Operating Officer of RingCentral.