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Mo Katibeh Speaks About How Technology Has Influenced His Career

Mo Katibeh has not left any stone unturned in his remarkable career, with a robust resume including accomplishments as a leader in multiple capacities for the technology industry. As RingCentral’s President, Mo Katibeh, has helped RingCentral, an industry leader in technology-enabled communications, grow rapidly.

Mo Katibeh’s Multifaceted RingCentral Role

Mo Katibeh’s role at RingCentral includes heading the business’ government, public sector and financial verticals. In addition, he has a hand in the company’s overall business strategy and development. He has managed to successfully steer RingCentral to its current position as one of the world’s largest cloud communications platform companies. It has various solutions, including cloud-based business phone systems and call centers, unified communication and collaboration apps and devices, cloud contact center solutions, and other software. Under his leadership, RingCentral has become a leading business communications solutions and services provider to thousands of businesses and agencies.

 Mo Katibeh Puts New Technologies in Perspective

As a highly recognized leader in the technology industry, Mo has been cited as a thought leader in various business and technology circles. He is respected for his insight into future software creation possibilities and other technologies. For him, nothing is permanent about what we call the existing development patterns in the world. He has continually advocated for using new technologies and organizing to improve society.

Looking Toward the Future

His vision has always been to make the world better, in which he believes that new technology is vital. Mo Katibeh sees technological developments as more than just a means of providing better services to people. Still, he has long made it a priority to intertwine technology with social change and customer service. Katibeh’s strong focus on innovation and technology reflects the deep-seated belief that the future of business lies in great technology solutions and services, creating a better future for every individual.