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Mo Katibeh Success

Mo Katibeh Finds Success At The Intersection of Tech and Innovation:

Mo Katibeh, a professional photographer and digital artist who graduated from University of Toronto in 2013, is an entrepreneur at the intersection of innovation and technology. Raised in eastern Lebanon, Mo left his home after the war, working as a chef for three years before moving to Canada. He believes that everyone has creative potential and works to show others how there are many avenues to success. Mo is a self-taught, self-funded entrepreneur and the founder of PixAnamet, an interactive media company that creates immersive experiences for brands and drives results for clients through technology. Mo’s company has worked with clients such as Sephora and many big names in the advertising industry.

Mo was born in Lebanon, but left because of the war. Although he initially planned to return, he never did. Mo found himself in Canada, where he worked as a chef for three years, and then moved to Toronto to pursue digital media and photography. Mo began working for a large ad agency, but became disillusioned by the roles of traditional advertising. To Mo, this field focuses on cost-centres and simplicity rather than creativity and surprising customers. As an entrepreneur, Mo wanted to create a way to bring together technology and innovation with a focus on creativity.

Mo Katibeh began his journey with two goals: creative collaboration and pursuing his creative passion. He felt that collaboration was a struggle in the creative industry and looked for partners to help him from his vision. He teamed up with Asad Zaidi, a technologist who had experience in development, communications and product design. Mo soon began working with this team, developing his own skillset as he learned how to create immersive experiences for brands. Mo’s first job was for Sephora Canada Inc., where he created an interactive shopping experience that allowed customers to virtually try on makeup items.