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Nomad, Serving The Underserved Communities

Nomad Internet is a company that provides wireless portable internet to underserved communities or individuals traveling to remote areas. The wireless internet connection combines the latest tech in delivering high-speed internet. The name ‘Nomad’ was coined because the vision was to create something portable for use by the traveling nomad.


Nomad Omega is the basic package that offers internet speeds of up to 200Mbps. These speeds are suitable for individuals who love gaming. Remote work has always been challenging. You can support over 30 connected devices and dual-band Wi-Fi with Nomad Omega. The portable ethernet LAN is easy to install. Experts state that the ethernet can be installed in under one minute. This package costs $109 monthly and a $99 one-time membership fee.

The Nomad Air Travel is the better version package, costing $109 per month with a one-time membership fee of $299. The download speeds are increased to 250Mbps. It has a dual Wi-Fi stand that supports over 40 connected devices. The Nomad internet package can operate anywhere in the United States.


The Nomad Internet is not only secure and fast, it has several other benefits. Encryption, firewall filters, VPN support, and IT administration controls ensure security. It is fast, has better latency, and has low ping rates. This makes it among the best internet to use for remote area settings. Now RV travelers can pause, and un-pause internet services based on their needs. Your data security is assured. Additionally, there are no credit checks.


Melina, a remote worker from New Hampshire, recommends the Nomad Air Modem as the best internet service for remote workers. The fantastic speeds allow her to conduct her video conferencing without experiencing any problems. Nomad internet is easy to set up, and the cost is pocket-friendly. Refer to this article for more information.


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