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Philip Belamant, CEO and Co-Founder at Zilch

Philip Belamant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zilch, a new blockchain-based venture that provides “digital currencies that provide true digital ownership.” Philip Belamant and his team plan to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry with an innovative cryptocurrency that “will not be a bubble” or “violent” like other coins. Zilch aims to solve real-world problems by bringing digital ownership back into the hands of individuals.

Professional Career

Philip has a professional career that spans over four decades in banking, financial services, and other industries. He was the CEO of Data Security International PLC and served as a director for two years. He formerly worked for Citibank as the Global Head of Citigold and was Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Philip Belamant is also a board member at the MIT Media Lab and a former board member at Edelman International Limited.

Philip Belamant has been involved in several successful startups, including Starmind PLC and Euro Trend Group. He founded the first independent financial data security firm in Singapore. Philip Belamant’s professional background includes being involved with the world’s largest investment banks, such as Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. His experience is extensive, as he has held senior positions throughout many different industries, including retail banking, financial services, and cyber security for some of the largest banks around the world.

Philip Belamant Highlights the Importance of Local Investment

Philip Zilch company plans to create a new cryptocurrency and marketplace. His team will use blockchain technology to break out of the “current system” and offer a great alternative to existing financial firms. Philip believes the current system is not viable and desires to rebuild the industry from the ground up. The team at Zilch has developed a complete financial ecosystem that is sustainable for years to come. According to a recent study, almost $400 million has been invested in the cryptocurrency sector in South Africa alone. Philip told CoinJournal that crypto is a much safer investment than the traditional stock market.

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