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Protecting Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion Is at the Core of the Work Conducted by the Alliance Defending Freedom

The Alliance Defending Freedom is an organization that was founded in 1994 initially as Alliance Defense Fund. Since that time, it has grown into the largest legal entity in the world focused on protecting the rights of parents, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, among other points of focus. Though the Alliance Defending Freedom was founded by a group of Christian leaders, it has also defended the rights of religious groups such as Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, among other faiths.

Alliance Defending Freedom has served clients who are non-religious as well. Beyond this, the organization has defended students as well as individuals of varying beliefs such as conservatives, pro-conservationists, libertarians, and pro-life advocates. This work has also extended outside the United States with efforts aimed at stopping genocidal actions against religious minorities.

The topic of religious freedom is at the heart of the work conducted by the Alliance Defending Freedom. The organization emphasizes the right that every individual has to explore and live by one’s convictions from a religious standpoint. It has become concerned with recent trends in the United States that have seen the government attempt to enact legislation antithetical to the tenets of faiths such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This led to the organization pursuing a case that went to the Supreme Court and found a favorable ruling. The court ruled that individuals have the right to work and to live according to their specific faith without having to worry about interference and discrimination from the government.

Defending freedom of speech is another key point of focus for the ADF. Over the years, the organization has successfully garnered hundreds of victories that protected the right to free speech for students. When administrators at a college tried to stop a student group from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution, the organization intervened on its behalf to ensure that free speech rights were respected. Go to this page for more information.


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