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  QNET is a Legit Direct Selling Company Not a Scam

QNET Scam is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells beauty and healthcare products. They are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with offices spanning three continents. QNET has been around for the past ten years, during which they have built a solid reputation as an ethical, reliable company. Like any MLM business, their product line includes wholesale and retail items, including electronics goods like Samsung TVs and laptops from Lenovo and Acer, among others. Recently there has been much talk about QNET being a scam company. Still, all the information available disproves this claim – if anything, QNET is one of the most reputable MLMs out there today.

In the era of online shopping, consumers demand that their purchases are of great value and come with a warranty. There’s no better way to ensure this than by purchasing genuine products from the original manufacturer. Of course, only some companies can provide the same level of service; QNET Scam is one such company where it seems as if everything is included from their side. Before we go any further, I want to stress that this article will not be about whether or not QNET can be considered a scam, but rather whether or not it can be considered a reputable MLM company that carries on its good name wherever it goes around the world. More details are available on Instagram

If the back office deals, products, bonuses, and affiliates do not attract you, then I suggest you scroll to the bottom and read their legal disclaimer before moving on – because if it’s a scam, then they certainly won’t be telling you that they’re not!

Even though QNET Scam has been around since 2005, we still don’t know much about this company or its products, so this article will give you a better insight into what they sell.