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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is the General Manager of AUREA Multi-Family Group’s most prominent apartment project in Europe, “The Pinzano.” Under this business, he is responsible for managing the company’s overall operations, including current development projects and leasing activities. He joined AUREA in 2007 when AUREA was starting, and at the beginning, they could buy office buildings to rent out. Now they have expanded into a significant development community of over 20 properties with thousands of apartments.

  1. Business Career

Riva has been in the real estate operations and asset management business for more than 30 years. He has much experience as a developer, and he helped establish Delcor World across Canada and the United States in 1975. Riva was an independent development consultant for eight years before entering his first partnership with a real estate development firm. He designed and oversaw the construction of several high-rise condominium buildings. After forming this firm, Riva became acquainted with other developers from Vancouver’s northern suburbs who owned property and were interested in exploring new properties further south where new communities were being built.

  1. Current Rental Projects in Italy

Raffaele Riva and his partners have developed projects in many different towns across Italy. They focused on the development of the city of Turin, where they built their first project, Piovene, to accommodate the growing population and an oversupply of apartments. In 2003, AUREA Group acquired the international Liebherr Group, which opened opportunities for AUREA Group to expand throughout Europe and North America. Before coming to AUREA Group in 2010, Riva was responsible for sales and development activities with Liebherr in Germany and Switzerland.

  1. Awards and Recognition

Raffaele Riva has received many awards during his career. He is a person of the year in Ontario, Canada, and won the top award for excellence from “La Stampa” each year for several years. He was also awarded the prestigious “Gran Marchi Grand Award” by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Toronto. He also received a plaque from La Stampa as a person of the year in 1998, an honorary doctorate from the University of Turin, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bologna. Riva’s work at Liebherr was voted one of Italy’s best entrepreneurs by ITST magazine, and he had twenty years of development under his belt when he came to AUREA Group.

Raffaele Riva and his partners were able to build their first development project, Piovene in Turin, by focusing on a new market that needed more housing. Riva’s experience in the asset management business, as well as being a real estate developer himself, helped him in creating thousands of apartments. Go to this page for more information.


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