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Raffaele Riva Makes AUREA Multifamily Group An International Success

Raffaele Riva has been in the business world as an entrepreneur for some time. Riva’s company helps its clients with a wealth of different “in-demand” services such as asset management, audits, bequeathals, budgeting assistance, corporate finances/restructuring, estate planning, insurance, real estate, trusts, etc. just to name a few things that Riva’s businesses provide for their clients. Their asset management workers include those working in different sectors such as tax attorneys and individual investors who are ready to help your business excel.

Raffaele Riva also helps both businesses and private individuals who strive to start their own businesses. Being an entrepreneur himself, Riva understands how many people desire to start a business and make a living for themselves and their families on their own terms. Raffaele Riva is well-connected as he is fluent in three languages and also is a dual citizen of both Italy and Switzerland. Riva has helped facilitate huge deals with businesses and entrepreneurs in over 90 countries to date and is always looking to grow that number beyond what it is today.

Raffaele Riva has a past that includes huge, landmark deals in a variety of places from Canada to South Africa to Europe. By the time he founded the AUREA Multifamily Group in 2008, his wealth of experience was set to help the company thrive in every possible way. This international business venture turned out to be even more successful than Riva himself imagined it would be when he was able to start his work off on multiple continents and in many countries.

Both traditional and alternative investment companies as well as individuals are in on the action in order to take their piece of wealth out of this international project. The project hopes to continue to keep growing and attracting new investments in order to make it even more successful than it already is today. Refer to this article for additional information.


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