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Richard Liu – The Path To College

Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up in a village in China. During his time there, the conditions were not ideal.

Today, he is the founder of because he went to a great college. Discover how Liu Qiangdong accomplished this during his journey.

The Village

When Richard Liu was a boy, he was raised in a troubling village. The location did not have running water or any form of electricity. This was surprising because Richard Liu’s parents had connections to highly successful Chinese merchants. These merchants were a part of Liu’s family before he was born. In the past, these merchants dominated the market along the Yangze river. However, later, they lost everything. This is the reason why Richard Lui’s parents had to buy a home in a village.

Lessons in the Village

When Liu was a child, his grandmother taught him how to cook, shop, and bribe. During this time, Liu learned how to be innovative. Liu Qiangdong used this skill when he prepared dishes with his grandmother. They needed a way to separate the fat from a pan, so Liu suggested that they use hot water, and it was very effective.

The Road to a Brighter Future

When Richard was older, he graduated and enrolled in college. The college was in Beijing. Richard’s parents were not able to afford the train ticket to Beijing, but this did not stop the future founder. He had the ability to rally people behind him, so he went out and asked for help. Richard’s efforts were successful as many people of the village pitched in, and Richard was able to buy a ticket to Beijing.

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