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Robert Bull Braces RoyaleLife for a Rejuvenation in Bungalow Living

Robert Bull is the chief executive officer of RoyaleLife who has identified a niche for bungalow living for aged 45 years and above. The purchasers react and, therefore select to move to the company’s gated communities made of single-level houses located in impressive areas in the UK. Robert Bull identifies that the agenda has been favored in the last few years with people seeking a good life post-retirement.

The company has experienced tremendous growth during Robert Bull’s tenure because he is a lifestyle leader since its beginning as a family venture in 1945. Approximately 10 years ago, Robert Bull spotted this niche to develop single-story houses wanted by people about to retires, thus aware of couples at that age wanted to downsize to focus more on a leisurely lifestyle. RoyaleLife’s exploration in the bungalow living lifestyle focused more on relaxation and low-maintenance life.

The opportunity was quite distinct for any person approaching their final spell and exchange their homes for a modern bungalow combined with a better lifestyle. RoyaleLife does not have other hidden charges because it pays the legal team and the property agents.

The buyers can select any region they like, and the removal charges will not be inflated. Approximately 90 developments are in progress, and many others are under planning. Robert Bull identifies that the venture innovates whenever an opportunity presents itself on course to redefining bungalow living.

Robert also insists the decision to downsize is the most exciting trend because it secures some funds to advance one’s lifestyle without thinking a lot about money. The communities are qualitative based on their design and resources used and also the overall experience created.

The experience entails privacy and belonging, and also the developments have various amenities including swimming pools, gyms, coffee lounges, gardened grounds with nice walking paths among others. Every community is designed uniquely based on the location.

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