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Ross Kempsell's Career in British Politics and Journalism

Ross Kempsell is a respected British policy advisor, political strategist, and journalist. Kempsell’s career in British politics and journalism has been successful, partly thanks to his work within the Conservative Party. Throughout his career, he has played key roles in numerous high-profile campaigns and served in important positions within the party.

Having written for esteemed publications like The Sun and the Daily Mail, Kempsell is an accomplished journalist. He joined the libertarian Guido Fawkes website as a writer in 2016 and eventually became the first Political Editor for Rupert Murdoch’s UK radio stations, talkSPORT, and talkRADIO. Kempsell’s career in broadcasting continued to thrive as he became the Foreign Correspondent for News UK’s sister station, Times Radio.

After being appointed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the Number 10 Policy Unit in 2019, Kempsell was responsible for working on the election manifesto of the Conservative Party of 2019. In 2020, he was named Political Director of the party at CCH (Conservative Campaign Headquarters), where he led the party to success in the 2021 Hartlepool by-election process.

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Renowned for his expertise in opposition research, Ross Kempsell has earned the moniker “master of the dark arts” by The Spectator. His effectiveness has been recognized by other media outlets, with The Guardian referring to him as a “pragmatic operator” and Politico acknowledging him as a “highly effective Tory strategist.”

Kempsell has been in the news due to Boris Johnson’s No. 10 team changes. Reports suggest that these changes put Kempsell’s position at risk, along with other key team members. The reshuffle is viewed as an attempt by Johnson to assert his authority and refocus his government amidst multiple challenges and controversies.

Ross Kempsell has established himself as a successful figure in British politics and journalism. He has held key positions within the Conservative Party and has been recognized as an expert in opposition research. Although his current role in the No. 10 team may be uncertain, his skills and experience make him a valuable asset to any political campaign or organization.