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Stephen Bittel and How He Founded His Real Estate Company Terranova Corporation

Terranova Corporation is a renowned real estate company based in Florida. The company was formed in 1980 by Stephen Bittel. Stephen has put tremendous effort into the firm and spearheaded the growth of its assets to over a billion dollars. Today, Terranova Corporation is among the leading real estate firms in Southern Florida. The firm has been in charge of commercial projects like Bank of America and New York Life. The company wasn’t always at the top of the map. Stephen Bittel started Terranova Corporation with limited funds, and Stephen had to acquire loans from friends and local investors. However, that did not discourage him; Bittel was so determined to see his company grow that he started running it from his home office while still in college.

Stephen Bittel’s efforts soon started to pay off. In the company’s initial stages, it benefited from strip shopping centers as real estate was still a new business in Southern Florida. The area became a commercial center with time, and more families moved there. More people moving into the area marked the beginning of Terranova Corporation’s growth. People needed more strip shopping centers for their businesses. Additionally, Stephen Bittel formed solid relationships with famous companies like Starbucks; Stephen was able to lease out business premises to meet the growing need of retailers. Soon, the firm grew tremendously to include office buildings, family-owned assets, and residential buildings.

Stephen’s Bittel’s History and Career Path

For over twenty decades, Stephen Bittel has served and grown the real estate business in South Florida. That is his way of giving back to society. Apart from being the founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation, Stephen has also served as a Board Director for Chapman Partnership, Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Miami-Dade Expressway Facility. Additionally, he has acted as a board advisor for Teach for America Miami. Bittel won the ultimate CEO award from South Florida Business Journal in 2005. Stephen has been inspired and featured in many magazines like Boss Magazine and The Real Deal South Florida. In 1982, Stephen Bittel attended the University of Miami School of Law, where he pursued a Law degree. Bittel also participated in Bowdoin College, where he graduated from Activities and societies Magna cum Laude. Both Bittel’s father and grandfather were renowned attorneys, but he chose to follow his career path. However, in his second year of Law school, Stephen saw a future in real estate and started Terranova Corporation, which proved to be a significant success.

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