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Stephen Bittel Encourages a Search for Clinical Parkinson's Disease Cure

Stephen Bittel is one of the world’s leading researchers on Parkinson’s disease. A recent study by his lab showed that his team can reverse Parkinson’s disease using a technique called deep brain stimulation (DBS). The study involved injecting electrodes into the deep parts of the brain. Professor Stephen Bittel found that stimulating these parts with electrical impulses effectively reversed the disease. When reversing the disease, there was a sharp rise in dopamine levels in the brains of patients, so it is safe to say that DBS enables Parkinson’s patients to produce their dopamine.

As a result of this study, Bittel believes that DBS could be useful for treating other neurological conditions. The main goal of the organization that he founded, the BH2M Foundation, is to make DBS surgery more affordable and accessible to people with Parkinson’s Disease. The organization also funds multiple other research projects related to Parkinson’s. For example, they are funding a study looking at diet’s impact on Parkinson’s Disease. BH2M has also funded a project looking at whether certain kinds of exercise programs can help to prevent or postpone Parkinson’s.

During his talk at the BH2M conference, Bittel stated that the data exhibited at the conference was gathered from an experiment conducted on three patients. The experiment involved injecting a cloth covered with a chemical called PD01-DLBCL into the brains of these three patients. The injections were followed by deep brain stimulation to ensure that the chemical successfully traveled to the targeted part of their brains. After the surgeries, PD01-DLBCL was successfully injected into the targeted area of the brains; both patients experienced sharp rises in dopamine levels. These rises reversed the Parkinson’s Disease symptoms that they suffered.

Stephen Bittel has spent his life helping people, whether it be his clients as a CPA or refugees and immigrants as the Chairman of Terranova Corporation. He uses his business experience to help advance healthcare in America. He founded the BH2M Foundation, which funds clinical search for Parkinson’s Disease.

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