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Sudhir Choudhrie: The Life and Times of an Indian-born Businessman in London

Sudhir was born in Madras, India, and raised in the suburbs of northwest London. A successful businessman with interests spanning property, oil & gas exploration and production, education, and travel is a rare breed in the west-Asian immigrant community: a successful entrepreneur.

How did Sudhir Choudhrie become successful?

He became successful through a combination of hard work and innovative marketing. He started his business in oil & gas exploration and production and quickly became known for his innovative marketing techniques. He also developed a solid international reputation for his businesses. In particular, Sudhir Choudhrie is well-known for his successful use of pay-per-click advertising to reach a global audience.

What does success look like for an Indian origin businessperson in London?

Sudhir has been a successful businessman in London for over 43 years, and he has added to the city’s development. He is one of the few Indian-origin businessmen to have made it to the top echelons of British business. He has achieved this through his domestic and international businesses.

Is success possible for anyone who wants it so badly?

When Choudhrie was just 17, he set out on a journey to achieve his goals. He started with oil and gas exploration and production, working his way up the ladder until he became the CEO of a sizeable oil & gas company. He then turned his attention to education, starting a school for girls in north London and moving it to a more prestigious location. In 2004, he married his wife, Anjali, and together, they set up their own business: Anjali’s World travel company. They’ve since traveled the world, taking in all sorts of cultures and experiences – from Japan’s samurai sword-fighting culture to Cambodia’s rice paddies – learning about different ways of living and running businesses.

Summing up

Sudhir Choudhrie’s journey to global success started with a humble beginning. He was born into a poor, Indian-origin family in northwest London and grew up in poverty. In college, he found his passion in business and worked his way up the ladder. After leaving college with a degree in business administration, he achieved his goals. In 2007, Sudhir became the first Indian-origin businessman to manage Shell Canada’s managing director. He was named CEO of Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS) two years later. This meteoric rise has been due mainly to Sudhir Choudhrie’s drive for success and his determination to impact those he meets along the way positively and more