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The Colcom Foundation works to help all with a diverse charity portfolio

The Colcom Foundation is a private foundation that helps fund groups across many areas and political persuasions. The foundation is based in Pittsburgh and has many interests in that part of the United States. While Colcom is known for immigration issues, they also work hard on environmental and local community issues. Most organizations that help fund groups that work on issues normally keep to a smaller specialty group, but not this foundation. That means that they make sure groups that need funding are not limited because of limits the foundation puts on itself. This helps people and much more than that.

The local Pittsburg area is an area that the Colcom Foundation has taken an interest in, with them going beyond the normal places most companies invest in. Compassion & Choices helps those who are at the end of their life, while the Touchstone Center for Crafts helps those just starting in the arts.

The foundation works with environmental groups, such as The Environmental Integrity Project and Protect PT. They want to see the world around them be here for future generations, which means they find the groups working toward the same goal and putting money where it will help.

Many organizations need help, especially when people are having to spend more on bills with inflation and other economic concerns. That is why a group like the Colcom Foundation can be great when it comes to helping both the local community and those areas that want help. This allows them to make an impact and not be seen as only a Western Pennsylvania organization. People need help in stages of their lives, which Colcom does, with this also including giving voice to areas outside of people’s normal control. This is a group people should consider looking into for the charity. Refer to this article for more information.


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