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The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a leading entrepreneur based in the outskirts of California. He is respected and known by everyone within and outside the Fresno area for his contribution to the Fresno region. Krishen Iyer joined college after his high school studies to pursue a course in Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development. The course played a significant contribution in hallmarking the success of Krishen in the field of insurance. 


In 2009, Krishen co-founded Name My Premium Insurance company known as MNP. Because of succeeding and recording top-notch results in the insurance field, the company got included in the admired Inc. 5000 list firms. Krishen Iyer has also been involved in co-founding and managing the Managed Benefits Services company. The firm started as a Quick Link Marketing firm before changing its name to MBS. 


The firm’s primary focus is on marketing and insurance. The firm helps its customers achieve their marketing and insurance goals. It works closely with its customers to provide top-notch insurance services and ensure their businesses thrive. The use of quality analytical processes plays a leading role in ensuring leads for securing and attracting new clients are generated. The successful businessman Krishen Iyer has a good understanding of the impact of online marketing on a company’s success. Online marketing ensures that your clients understand the services and products you offer. 

The skills and expertise earned by Iyer helped other insurance firms and their customers rise. He is also in charge of development, operations, and purchases, to name a few. He is also the man behind the co-founding of the MAIS consulting firm. This is a firm focusing on offering licenses to businesspeople and those who intend to venture into business. Krishen Iyer offers free advice to businesspeople that they should not focus fully on making a profit but should also strive to satisfy their customers by offering them the best services. The dedication Iyer has for his customers is a factor that has contributed to his success in business.