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The IM Academy

IM Academy provides digital educational tools and software designed to help people learn how to trade currencies. The website features live interactive content supported by an extensive library of pre-recorded training videos and mobile apps.

In 2013, IM Academy was launched as a small startup by two entrepreneurs, Chris Terry and Isis de la Torre. They envisioned offering an easy access platform for Forex education through subscriptions. Their mission was to provide accessible and engaging teaching tools to help traders hone their skills and learn about technical analysis and charting techniques. During the past eight years, IM has gone through multiple iterations and gained traction among thousands of traders worldwide.

IM Academy has enjoyed success by always being ahead of the curve and maintaining a remotely workable workplace. Saving money on office space and corporate realty expenses allows the company to hire talented people without geographical restrictions and concentrate 100% of its energy on educating students. With an online learning system that can operate efficiently and without disruption during times of crisis, the company positions itself so that operations continue uninterrupted even if emergency measures are implemented.

IM Academy offers four primary learning modules: FRX, ECX, HFX, and DCX. The modules are available from the institution’s website and consist of several tutorials and interactive sessions with the academy’s instructors. Students can test different trading strategies in real-life scenarios during the live sessions.

The videos offer student subscribers a basic overview of forex trades and an introduction to online video tutorials and live interactive sessions designed to help them learn more about forex strategies and techniques. While the videos give a brief glimpse into what traders can expect from these classes, most of the actual training comes during live interactive sessions where students interact by answering questions, completing homework assignments, or simply trading through various scenarios presented by the instructor.

Live sessions last about an hour and include opportunities for students to ask Q&A with an educator on the module’s topic. Students can access a library of recorded videos for each academy. Students may also access live content via the Academy app.  Refer to this page for more information.

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