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The Inspiring Story of Mathew Mansell: The Creator of a Revolutionary Fitness App



Matthew Mansell is a sportsman and businessman. The former rugby player is the founder of the digital fitness platform, Athlo. His time as a rugby player taught him to be competitive. This is a value he would require succeeding in business. However, he also learned teamwork, something he greatly values in business.

Many entrepreneurs believe in eliminating competitors. The Athlo founder on the other hand, prefers to work with people, and he has reaped considerable benefits from this approach. Many businesses embrace the remorseless dogma, especially when venturing into a new market. Matthew Mansell could not, however, stomach the idea of displacing fitness centers. He had seen firsthand how the businesses had struggled, especially during the pandemic.

His new app is poised to be the next fitness unicorn. It is unrivalled in its quality services and convenience. One can use the app to curate fitness classes or shop their unused memberships to others on the platform. Matthew Mansell’s strategy and goal is to ensure that gyms use digital technology to enhance the customer experience. With his new app, the digital world can coexist with brick-and-mortar.

The future looks promising for the fitness industry. In 2022, the industry’s value stood at $87 billion globally. Although this is a lot of money, many experts suggest that in the United States alone, the value could reach a staggering $434.74 billion by 2028.

The new app is timely. Athlo has come when fitness centers are recovering from the COVID-19 battering. The Athlo founder noted that the fitness centers would benefit the most since they would retain many customers. To acquire a customer, companies invest a lot of money in advertising and other marketing strategies. The app, therefore, has economic benefits since members are unlikely to cancel their memberships. It will also help gyms in addressing employee attrition rate issues.

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