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The Making of a Great Civilization, by Alliance Defending Freedom

When one considers the process of civilization, it is clear that each successive epoch requires an accumulation of knowledge and ever greater mastery over nature. This has undoubtedly been true since the beginning of our society as a whole. The most important prerequisite for creating a great civilization was always its people, who had to change their world in order to make it more livable and more sustainable. In this sense, they permanently changed the trajectory of history.

In the modern civilization of ours, however, the social changes occurring are signs of a deteriorating society. Our civilization is gradually losing its core values. These values are the conditions for a humane and civilized society, which people have brought over time to all corners of the world. They are therefore indispensable for maintaining a civilized society, because they provide the necessary preconditions and rules that enable persons to live together with each other in peace.

At Alliance Defending Freedom, we have the responsibility to defend these values and to oppose any attempt to destroy them. They are what made the American dream. By opposing their destruction, we are thus protecting not only our own values, but ultimately a great part of human history. This task is the reason why we at Alliance Defending Freedom do what we do as attorneys and activists all over the world each day.

For this very reason, we must also courageously acknowledge that in many areas of life, our civilization is no longer on the right path. Too often it has been trespassing on principles essential to its own survival. Yet all of this can be changed and reversed.

The way we reverse this course is by;

  • Re-establishing free speech in our institutions.
  • Alliance Defending Freedom protects human life from the moment of conception to natural death, as a fundamental right.
  • Promoting and defending the dignity of human life through the natural family.
  • Restoring a moral culture based on Judeo-Christian values and principles such as honesty, hard work, virtue and integrity over corruption, greed, envy, vice and crime.
  • Renouncing the growth of government, which inevitably leads to tyranny.
  • Protecting religious freedom and the right of conscience to freely exercise belief and worship as they see fit.

These are just some of the goals that we here at Alliance Defending Freedom want to pursue. Not only do we want to protect them and pass them on as a heritage to future generations, we also want to expand these rights as much as possible. See this article for more information.


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