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Tillable allows Farmers to Buy and Research Land

Farmland is one of the largest assets in America, providing food, fiber, and jobs to the U.S. economy. Tillable is a farm real estate platform that allows you to buy, sell, rent, and finance land all in one account. Tillable makes it easy to manage your farm’s financials and your customers and streamline soil fertility practices for both tillage-based farming systems and no-till farming methods.

Allows Farmers to Buy

Tillable allows farmers to buy and research land that fits their farming needs. On the Tillable platform, farmers can search for farmland available in any state. They can then complete the purchase process by sending a letter of intent and making a deposit. After the purchase, they can set up automatic property tax payments. Tillable uses GPS technology to help you keep track of your small parcel farm equipment or large-acre farming operations.

Allows Farmers to Sell

Tillable allows farmers to sell everything from single-tenant farms to multi-family properties. To assist in the sale process, Tillable provides a space to upload documents, a signature process, and details of acreage and amenities. The platform will also send out automatic notifications to people who may be interested in purchasing your property.

In addition, farmers can use Tillable to advertise their land for rent, so they can get paid while they’re on vacation and still have access to their crops.

Allows Farmers to Rent

This feature allows farmers to rent out available land or properties that are not currently for sale or specifically designed for housing. When landowners are looking for tenants for their land, Tillable can help mediate the relationship and make it easier to find the right crop share per person or payment per acre.

Tillable helps farmers find the right kind of farmland for sale and rent, making it easier for farmers and investors to buy or sell their land. Thanks to this platform, farmers and investors can save time and money when selling or renting their property. Refer to this page for additional information.