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Tom Stafford of DST Global on What Does A Global Bank Look Like

Tom Stafford, Managing Partner at DST Global, sat down at the MoneyConf in Madrid to discuss what a global bank looks like. DST Global is a venture capital firm that invests in internet companies and technology-enabled companies worldwide

In his interview, Stafford discussed how he believes that technology is changing the way we bank, and that the traditional banking system is becoming less relevant in the digital age. He believes that global banks will need to adapt to these changes and become more innovative to stay competitive. Stafford stated, “The winners in the future will be the people who can take advantage of these shifts.”

Tom Stafford also spoke about the importance of data in the banking industry. He believes that banks that can harness the power of data and use it to make better decisions will be more successful. “Data is the lifeblood of the industry,” he said. “It’s what allows you to make decisions and to understand the market.”

Another important aspect of global banks, according to Stafford, is their ability to provide a seamless customer experience across different countries and cultures. “The customer has to be at the center of everything that you do,” he said. “You have to understand their needs, their preferences, and their behaviors.”

Overall, Stafford believes that global banks need to be agile, innovative, data-driven, and customer-centric in order to succeed in the future. As he stated, “It’s about being able to evolve, being able to pivot, being able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.”