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Understanding the Life and Success of Margie Hauser

Margie Hauser is a prominent name known by many music lovers globally. Her music has inspired many upcoming and existing talents in the music industry. During a recent interview, Margie Hauser shared her success story. Notably, Margie is loaded with numerous songs, making her an icon in this industry. It is crucial to hint that Margie Hauser produced and published over 19 songs in less than four years. Her music career grew gradually as a music supervisor while engaging in other collaboration activities. Among the prominent collaborations, she got involved with was ‘Alice Upside Down starring Alyson Stoner. Besides, Margie collaborated with Alyson to produce ‘High School Musical.

In honor of these collaborations, Margie noted that Alyson and Lucas took time to sing two of her songs. While chasing her dreams, Margie was lucky to have one of her single hit song rise to the top ’20s on the Billboard Dance/club chart. However, this success did not come on a silver platter, the song rose to this level after a two-month and two weeks run to set this record. Nonetheless, Margie Hauser’s songs continued to feature in this Billboard breakout after her song ‘Just Another Day’ broke the record to be the best #1.

The appearance of this song on Billboard made her stay longer on the chart’s appearance propelling her success even to greater heights. Notably, in 2008, her song ‘Higher’ was featured in the top 10 list at Perfect Beat. Margie hinted that she saw her song ‘Road of Peace’ featured in the list of the Grammy Awards on this year’s voting platform.

The musicians understand that her family is not a liability; hence she works to give her best. Despite living in Cincinnati, Hauser travels monthly to Los Angeles. She is committed to jamming two or even three sessions while planning and attending meetings on the four-day trip.