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Wes Edens

A high-speed train between Las Vegas and Southern California has been debated for years. In 2022, construction could begin. Wes Edens, co-chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group, concurs. Wes Edens‘ opinion is critical because Brightline is owned by a company that Fortress Investment Group runs. Edens hopes to get started on the project before the conclusion of the calendar year. Edens insists that this argument still stands today. Permissions are being obtained, and work has already started on the train route to Los Angeles.

Edens told the Review-Journal, “In terms of getting over the top, we’re really at the one-yard line.” While Edens concedes that planning for the project has been ongoing for over a decade, he insists that Brightline has helped move things along more quickly. Before we meet Tony Marnell and his family, they have already spent ten to fifteen years on this venture. Putting the groundwork for this undertaking took “a lengthy period” of time. Since we first began working on this, we have made some headway. We made significant progress.

A rich person who supports the plan says he owns the corridor between Las Vegas and Rancho Cucamonga, California, where Metrolink trains meet up with trains from Los Angeles. This is the path that Metrolink trains will take to get to Los Angeles—airports in Las Vegas and Rancho Cucamonga. According to Edens’s findings, a train network connects Las Vegas with arid Victorville and on to Los Angeles. In a significant way, this has leveled the playing field. Edens is impressed by the Nevada and California governments that made room for this transportation expansion.


In the future, 186 mph is predicted for railroads by the Federal Railroad Administration. Destinations include Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville (with a service facility), and Las Vegas. The Southern Nevada site is located between Las Vegas Boulevard and Warm Springs Road.

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