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Who is Raffaele Riva, Founder of the Aurea Multi-Family Group?

Anyone who knows international business knows who Raffaele Riva is. But for everyone else, it may come as a surprise to learn that one man could be so influential in his industry simply by applying the values of responsibility, optimism, and value. Let’s take a look at this legend of international finance and all that he’s accomplished.

The Early Years

Raffaele Riva is the kind of person who sets himself up for success. He attended the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart where he acquired his degree in economics. He would go on to complete two postgraduate programs and become a certified National Public Accountant. In addition to this, he would become fluent in English, French, and Italian to better help communicate with clients.

Launching Startups

Following his education, Raffaele Riva began launching several startups during the 2000s. This would give him the experience with international business he would need to later create his main company, the Aurea Multi-Family Office. These startups would also bring him fame and glory as a prodigy of international business and build up a good reputation for him.

Founding the Aurea Multi-Family Group

Raffaele Riva’s greatest success has been the creation of the Aurea Multi-Family Group. This business assists clients with a variety of tasks related to international business and finance such as wealth management, audits, real estate, international transactions, trusts, and club deals. Working closely with his elite clients, Riva has been able to build a reputation of excellence for his business.

The Future of Optimism

Looking towards the future, Raffaele Riva has his sights set on providing more value for his clients. It is an optimistic vision because he believes that every transaction in internal business is built based on optimism. This ideology is what has made him so successful and is what will carry him forward to even greater heights.

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