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Why You Should Consider The Citizen App

There has been a recent surge in mobile applications over the years. This is due to the reason that most individuals use their mobile phones almost 90% of the time. Therefore, the market for relevant online applications has considerably increased.

Citizen App is a safety awareness application that sends alerts to its users to make them aware of unsafe situations. The app was started targeting New York City, but it currently covers over 22 cities within the United States. They include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Stockton, and Tucson. The application is available for use to anyone, including law enforcement officers. Below are some unique features of the citizen App.

Access Points

In order to access the Citizen App, a new member has to allow certain access points so that the application can function appropriately. A user has to allow the app access to one’s contacts so that friends and family can be informed in the event that an uncertain situation occurs to a user. Also, most importantly, a user has to allow access to one’s location so that the user can be informed if in a potentially harmful area. The location also informs the user of incidents occurring in areas that they are close to.

Communication and Alerts

The application has access to 911 communication, which it makes available to its users. Citizen App has one of the most efficient communication systems in a safety application. Through its agents, the app sends specified alerts to users closer to the area where the incident is taking place.

Trained Personnel

Citizen agents are not just any kind of communication personnel. The agents especially responsible for the Protect feature of the Application have undergone vigorous training. The training lasts for one month and entails certification regarding anti-bias and racism awareness. Also, it is important to note that the individuals are former medical and law enforcement personnel.

Citizen is changing the notion that safety is only maintained by law enforcement officers and police officers. It is introducing the fact that the safety of an individual can be a community affair. Go to this page for more information.


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