Yubo and AFNOR Join Forces to Safeguard Online Protection of Minors

Yubo launched a coalition to safeguard minors from online risks and promote responsible social media usage. Partnering with AFNOR, they intend to establish best practices and guidelines to protect young users. The coalition seeks to address cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and privacy issues minors may encounter on social media platforms. On March 21, Yubo hosted an event with government leaders, NGOs, and tech companies and keynote speeches from Meta, CNIL, and ARCOM.

The collaboration between Yubo and AFNOR focused on creating a comprehensive set of standards and protocols to enhance the safety of minors online. This set of standards and protocols includes promoting age-appropriate content, implementing strict privacy controls, and encouraging responsible digital behaviour. The coalition also wants to raise awareness of the value of online safety for children among parents, educators, and the general public.

AFNOR’s involvement in the coalition is expected to provide expertise in standardization and contribute to developing practical guidelines for responsible social media usage among children. The CEO of Yubo reaffirmed the company’s commitment to offering young users a secure environment and underlined the need for teamwork in addressing the issues that young people encounter online.

Their initiative to establish an online protection of minors coalition in partnership with AFNOR reflects the growing awareness and concern for the safety of young users on social media platforms. By setting industry standards and promoting responsible digital behaviour, they aim to play a proactive role in safeguarding minors and promoting a positive online environment for Generation Z.

Yubo is a live social app for Gen Z to make authentic connections worldwide, with safety measures like user-age verification and moderation. It was founded in France in 2015, and used in 140+ countries by 60M+ users. AFNOR is a standards body based in Paris and a representative body for France at the International Organization for Standardization.