Yubo's Innovative Safety Measures for Safer Internet Day

As a leader in live social discovery for Gen-Z, Yubo continues to prioritize the safety of its younger users. For the 2023 iteration of Safer Internet Day, Yubo partnered with two respected NGOs – Childnet and Respect Zone – to collaborate on an in-app educational campaign throughout February.

In addition to this campaign, it has taken several innovative steps to protect its users. For example, it has become the first major social media platform to require 100% user age verification before accessing the app. This is done through a reliable facial recognition technology with a 98.9% accuracy rate that does not link specific facial images to any individual identity.

Yubo further protects its users from online harm by empowering them to hand-pick the words, phrases, and emojis they want to avoid. This uses a convenient feature called ‘Muted Words.’ Moreover, anyone who observes inappropriate behavior on the app can report it directly to its Safety Specialists, who are always on standby to take action.

In addition to these steps, it has reinforced its Community Guidelines, designed to promote civility and safety among its users. These guidelines and the app’s algorithms on the lookout for inappropriate content testify to Yubo’s commitment to providing a safe environment for its users.

Yubo’s CEO Sacha Lazimi expressed his appreciation to ChildNet and Respect Zone for their continuous support during Safer Internet Day and highlighted that Gen-Z wants to be heard in such matters.

Yubo continues to provide users with meaningful content and initiatives to remain safe while navigating the internet. These safety measures and customizable settings help foster a secure and positive internet experience for its users worldwide.

It demonstrates a firm commitment to the safety of its users while motivating self-expression and proactivity among them. By staying involved in important initiatives such as Safer Internet Day, it continuously seeks ways to provide an online experience that is at once innovative and safe for all its users.