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Yuri Milner – Eureka Manifesto

Yuri Milner published the Eureka Manifesto, a motivational tool used by many people in various fields to help them set goals and successfully achieve them. The Eureka Manifesto explains how humanity’s place in the universe has been calculated to be worth between one and four billion dollars. Milner argues that society should work towards value beyond our planet by using space for commercial purposes and humanitarian endeavors.

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Yuri Milner began studying physics and mathematics at a very early age. By the time he was eight years old, he had already completed papers about several different topics, including Einstein’s theory of relativity. When Yuri was twelve years old, he began attending classes at Moscow State University. Once in school, Yuri continued to work on his studies and received his Ph.D. from Moscow State University in 1984.

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Milner has always been very interested in politics and issues relating to his country. He has worked on various political campaigns and organizations, including one which had him working as a special adviser for the Council of Nationalities; he was also a member of the Presidium and a Vice President at the Academy of Sciences.


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Milner’s interest in space exploration led him to start a company called the International Investment Fund (IIF). The first significant project for IIF was investigating the possibility of creating a private space station. Milner began this company to help explore space. The main reason for starting this company was because Milner wanted an alternative to the International Space Station program that the US government was funding.

The Eureka Manifesto has been very helpful for many people who need motivation and inspiration. Yuri Milner is most famous for his role in the space exploration industry, especially in creating the “Eureka” project. This $100 million project was designed to encourage private investors to send machines into space.