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Alliance Defending Freedom is Involved in Handling Cases Involving Religious Freedom

While the United States Supreme Court has been involved in deciding cases that involve the religious freedom of individuals.

Formerly known as Alliance Defense Fund, the Alliance Defending Freedom is proud to join in the fight to protect the individual’s rights to be able to practice their freedom of religion without any prejudice or persecution against them for living out their individual faith. Everyone has a right to their religious freedoms as long as they are reasonable beliefs held by honest, decent people, then no one has a right to take that from them.

We all believe that no government has the right to take those freedoms away from anyone for any reason. The government must continue to give the same rights to all Americans from all walks of life.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is proud to ensure that everyone has the freedom to practice their religion without persecution from the government or others within their lives. Americans should never be silenced based on own personal, reasonable beliefs, and the same goes for people in other countries throughout the world.

Alliance Defending Freedom is currently proud to have helped protect more than 400 individuals’ rights to keep their free speech based on their religious beliefs and convictions. Most of these stories that we hear of different types of mistreatments are on college campuses, where we are happy to defend the rights of individuals to believe and think as they wish to believe and think.

Alliance Defending Freedom is also proud to protect student’s rights to distribute religious information or gather to practice their religion freely and openly with others who share similar or the same faith. We are proud to stand with these people, and we are here to defend the rights of everyone to defend their faith, speak freely, and believe what they feel, in their hearts, is right. Like this page on Facebook, to learn more.


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