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Alliance Defending Freedom Standing Up for Basic American Rights

In 2017, Michelle Gregoire was arrested on a college campus for handing out free pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution. The administrators of Kellogg Community College said she had failed to get permission for the activity. She was charged with “trespassing.”

Gregoire opted to sue for violation of her First Amendment rights to free speech. Defending her case was the Alliance Defending Freedom. The case was successfully defended in what was a shocking violation of the basic rights of any American citizen.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has secured more than 400 such victories, but the case also demonstrates the ongoing need to stop overzealous authorities on college campuses and elsewhere from failing to recognize basic rights that were once taken for granted in the United States.

The Alliance was founded in 1994 by prominent figures in the Christian community who recognized an alarming trend to silence people of faith from speaking freely in public forums.

Note that the Alliance Defending Freedom defends not only Christians. The group has taken on cases for Jews, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and even atheists. All of these faiths and nonfaiths have an equal and fundamental right to express their views, perhaps especially on college campuses where the “free marketplace of ideas” is meant to thrive. In 1998, ADF launched the Center for Faith and Cultural Engagement (CFCE). CFCE works with faith-based organizations, churches, and ministries to defend religious liberty while retaining their integrity and independence as ministries.

Outside the United States, the Alliance has taken on cases to stop the genocide of people who are persecuted for their faith. Those legal battles have included Christians, Suni Muslims, Yazidis and many more minority faiths.

Other issues the Alliance tackles include the sanctity of human life, parental rights and the fundamental institutions of marriage and the family as designed by God.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has developed a reputation on an international scale for its fair and strong advocacy of people from all walks of life, faiths, races and political persuasions.

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