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Colcom Foundation Marks a New Milestone

Human activity is responsible for a great many positive things. However, according to philanthropic groups such as the Colcom Foundation, it has also caused harm. As late, the human race has been putting a great deal of unneeded strain on the natural functions of the planet. This has led to a severe weakening of the ability to sustain future generations.

The express opinion of Cordelia S. May on opinions of this nature was that overpopulation was the main source of the problem. She tended to think that the presence of too many people was the first cause of resource issues. Indeed, the impact that this issue has had on the planet has not been long in showing up. As a result, its effects are all around us.

Recently, the Colcom Foundation marked a new milestone. This was the commemoration of its 25th year of existence. The Foundation was founded at the express wish of Cordelia S. May in order to deal with issues such as overpopulation and its effect on the planet. Since that time, the group has undertaken educational projects with this subject in mind.

Overall, the focus of the Colcom Foundation is to support efforts that try to tackle the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Although the group is based in the Western part of Pennsylvania, this does not put a damper on its ability to reach the rest of the world. On the contrary, the Colcom Foundation maintains a constant and steady presence on the world wide web. This is the place where it connects with many thousands of people on a daily basis.

Since it first came into being, Colcom has been a part of many different educational programs. A great wealth of material on subjects related to sustaining the environment can be found on its official site. This is material that people can access in order to get informed about the need for viable solutions. Refer to this article for additional information.


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