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Colcom Foundation Works to Sustain Population Equity

The Colcom Foundation was established in 1996 by Cordelia S. May. Its primary purpose has always been to furnish a platform for the examination and discussion of certain crucial causes. These have largely consisted of a further exposition of the major causes and consequences of overpopulation. This in itself is a source of major controversy for many.

However, the Foundation has also gone further than many of its peers in this regard. In addition to examining the causes of population saturation. The group has also struck a further note. This has been a deep dive into the root causes of the ultimate global impact on the future sustainability of the planet. Many fruitful inquiries continue to be made.

The Colcom Foundation has a unique source of income. In the majority of cases, all income that has been considered as recognized upon the reception of remission of grants. Most of the time, these have been previously reported as qualifiers. As a result, the making of grants to charitable organizations is now enabled.

Colcom’s main funding comes from grants from foundations, corporations, and individuals and from donations by individuals. Colcom Foundation is a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and The Center for Democracy and Technology.

As far as the Colcom Foundation itself is concerned, the extending exempt purpose of grants is to help fund the efforts of its recipients. These are the people and groups who are doing work to further research in vital areas. The areas in question are the pain points that the Foundation has laid down. Once known, they can be expanded upon.

The Colcom Foundation is not a flash in the pan. The work that the group gets up to is condoned by many of the leading experts on these subjects. Its reach is designed to be global rather than merely local. This means that the group is prone to receive the support of many different types of groups. The causes it supports are likewise liable to receive global accolades. Refer to this article to learn more.


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