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IM Academy Revolutionizes Forex Training Through Online Classes

IM Academy is an online institution offering digital educational products and services for Forex trading skills. The company uses live interactive content alongside a vast collection of pre-recorded and app-based data and information to provide education.

IM Academy was established as a start-up in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, who are entrepreneurs and Forex experts. They aimed to provide a Forex education platform that could be easily accessed through a subscription process. The online provider is headquartered in New York, although it has numerous subsidiary entities around the globe. The company has grown into a big organization over the last few years and has 225,000 active subscribers.

The main products of IM are video learning units referred to as academies. The academies have four different programs that customers can access online using a referral code or an IBO. The programs are FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. Each module has multiple informational videos with online goLive sessions.

The modules provide students with basic knowledge about Forex trading and how it works. More learning takes place during the goLive sessions in which students can interact with IM tutors. Students can buy the Academies individually. Moreover, IM Academy has a discounted package known as the Elite Academy, which offers a 54% discount for all programs on initial subscriptions and 48% on subsequent subscriptions.

Students also have access to optional high-level classes as add-ons. The add-ons are categorized into strategies and apps and provide more comprehensive educational modules to augment the basic modules. They include DCX Harmonics, Swipecoin, and Pivots Steady. IM Academy operates through its website. The cost of the four Academies is $234, and the subsequent cost is $174. The Elite Academy bundle is $324 for the first subscription and $274 for subsequent ones. Visit this page for additional information.


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