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Intrepid Heroine—Jessica Dean

In 1999, Jessica Dean graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with Baccalaureate degrees in Economics and Political Science, and began her law practice in 2003 after graduating again from University of Texas School of Law. Growing up in a household of 8 siblings, the remarkable work ethic that was exemplified by her hardworking parents, with a father who worked in excess of 80 hours a week for a aircraft manufacturer while her mother maintained the household, instilled in Dean a purposeful drive and orientation of passion that she exhibits unto her clients and colleagues nonetheless. Undoubtedly, the values Jessica Dean bears closely, and her extroverted personality, has had a direct, indelible impact on the trajectory of her career, founding a successful law firm with Amin Omar.

In her crusade to assist the unfortunate, especially when overwhelmed by ill events or overshadowed by corporate giants in court, her intrepid focus has been the team-based approach with her colleagues while recognizing clients on a personal basis, in which Jessica Dean maintains relationships closely with individuals rather than intentionally accosting individuals when there is such a need. And this provides the foundation of her success, as stated by Jessica Dean herself in regards to her law firm: “Right heart and work ethic are essential and most of the rest can be worked out.”