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Joseph Ashford and the Values of 4K Global

Business tactics are a defining trait of any time period. There are often patterns that do better than others to get a business rolling. In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow, a business owner must be willing to take risks at every turn. Joseph Ashford came from humble origins as he guides clients to a brighter future. He understands how to make the most of the moment. The lessons acquired and refined marketing approach have given him a cutting edge above his industry peers. A recent CEO World article paints the full picture of how K4 Global in London is changing the world day by day.


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Joseph Ashford entered the business world in early 2014 as something he believed was necessary for the future. The goal was to find clients who had all the traits of success but needed a push to get the ball rolling. He focuses on a multi-step plan to ensuring clients receive the best service possible. First, the assigned 4K Global team will collaborate and share ideas. The best solutions are those that have been heavily brainstormed from top to bottom. As more assignments are completed, the firm has been able to expand its coverage to a wider array of clients. London is one of the few economic centers of the world. As the outpost for Europe, Joseph Ashford encounters many types of businesses through his interactions. He developed a plan to allow employees to grow on a professional and personal level. It starts with giving the client no less than your full attention. They deserve to have a solution that passes their expectations. Additionally, communication among all parties keeps everyone on track towards making progress. Joseph Ashford supports his local community through both 4K Global and by using his downtime on public activities.

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