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Life On the Go With Nomad Internet

Have you ever dreamed of living a more peaceful life? Maybe a cabin in the woods? Van life? “RV Living” so that you can explore everything that this amazing country has to offer?

Maybe a house in the country on acres of land is your dream home, but something is holding you back. Living this type of life seems almost dreamlike but a lot of people hesitate to fully dive into it because they still need to work. Their children still need to attend school and they still need to remain connected to family and friends. Nomad Internet saw the need for reliable internet connection service in rural areas and they answered the call. Now people really can have the best of both worlds.

Nomad internet was created in 2017 to bring a reliable and affordable internet option to all 50 states within the United States. Their focus is providing service to rural locations so that people can live out their dreams. Now travelers and those wishing for a more secluded existence can still work remotely, participate in online education programs, stream movies, play video games and remain connected to family and friends.

Nomad Internet is easy to self-install and plans are affordable, some start as low as $49.95. Some added benefits to Nomad Internet include the pause of service option. Perhaps you are taking a break from online activity or simply not utilizing Wi-Fi while you are moving from locations, you can easily pause your service and un-pause it when you need it again, this way customers are not paying for a service that they are not fully utilizing.

Nomad doesn’t require contracts or credit checks either. The network is fully secure and comes with many security features to keep your connection safe. Nomad Internet keeps Wi-Fi simple and consistent for their customers. Follow this page on twitter, for additional information.


Visit their LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/company/nomad-internet