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Owner Gino Pozzo Takes Watford FC To The Next Level

Times have changed when it comes to local businessmen purchasing their hometown sports teams for emotional reasons. Now seen as a worthy investment, people like Gino Pozzo are making purchases with the intention of making a profit, something that he has excelled at. Understanding that there is a lot of money to be made in the Premier League, Gino and his family have taken the reigns and have started using tactics to profit from their investment.

The Pozzo Business Model

While he is a shrewd investor, Gino Pozzo is also known for his unorthodox methods when it comes to managing the Watford Football Club. In fact, one of his biggest focuses as the owner of this football club is his player recurring and trading methods. The best example of this would be his innovative idea to sign many players who were on international loans to other clubs. Realizing just how effective and brilliant this technique was, the Football League regulations had to be changed to prevent it.

This strategy also applied to head coaches and the media went into a frenzy saying that having so many head coaches with such a high rate of turnover was unusual. However, Scott Duxbury, the chief executive of the Watford Football Club, stated that every coach they have had was successful. This being the case, it is hard to argue the results this strategy has produced.

Taking a Hands-On Approach

One of the things that makes Gino Pozzo special as an owner is that he isn’t afraid to take a hands-on approach to his business. In fact, he can regularly be seen at training sessions and has been called by some “the best owner in the world.”

Thanks to his unorthodox yet effective approach, Watford FC has held fast in the Premier League and many consider the current squad to be the best since the 1980s when Sir Elton John owned the team. Even though Sir Elton John holds the position of honorary president for life and provides frequent feedback, it is Gino Pozzo who puts in the time, effort, and commitment to make Watford FC great. Go to this article for more information.


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