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Profile of Football Club Owner Gino Pozzo

Owning a professional football club can be an overwhelming task especially if you are taking over a team that has recent track record of losing. However, there are some individuals who are up to the challenge and Gino Pozzo is one of them.

Throughout the past couple of decades, Gino Pozzo has established himself as one of the most successful owners in professional football. He is the current owner of the Watford Football Club in England. Before he took over as owner, Watford was one of the teams that struggled to win games and make money. Under the leadership of Pozzo, Watford has been transformed into one of the most successful.

During his entire life, Gino Pozzo has been a big fan of football. While growing up in Italy, Gino was always interested in football and dreamed of one day owning a team. Part of what allowed Gino Pozzo to become an owner was his family connections. His mother was related to former presidents of prominent football clubs in Italy. Pozzo’s maternal relatives were affiliated with the Udinese Calcio football club. In 1986, his father purchased the Udinese football club and owned it for many years.

When he reached age 18, Gino Pozzo attended Harvard University in the United States where he completed a maser’s degree. Shortly after completing a degree in America, Pozzo met and married his future wife. The couple relocated to Spain where they lived in Barcelona. Within a few years, the couple moved to London where he acquired and managed the Vicarage Road football club.

He eventually came up with the funding to purchase the Watford Football Club which he still owns today. Gino focuses all of his attention on the football club after selling his business interests in the woodworking industry. Under his leadership, Watford has made steady progress in becoming more competitive and today the team is among the most successful in its respective league.

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