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Unassuming as it may seem, QNET is a global e-commerce company based in the United Arab Emirates that seeks to provide customers with high-quality products, while promoting entrepreneurship amongst these customers. QNET does this by providing customers an opportunity to promote these products by giving the tools they need to create a successful business surrounding their product of choice.

Based on their core values of leadership, service, integrity and sustainability, it is easy to tell that QNET is not a scam. This Direct Selling company nurtures leadership within its customer base by promoting independence, passion and innovation for their respective products. It also nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit by challenging its clients to find sustainable ways of providing the services they would like to offer. These challenges are all environmentally centered, as the company realizes that, though they may be small, their impact on the environment can still be felt throughout the world. This creates a strong sense of integrity, as the company holds ethical and honest decision making at its very core. These three core values combined allow the company to provide the best service to their clients and their community. They do this with the utmost respect and devotion to both parties, thus creating an overall sense of excellence in and around the company.

The company’s particular brand of service is known as In-Service. This type of service promotes putting others before the self, thus creating a sense of humility within QNET and its leaders. In-Service was a concept that the company’s founders greatly instilled into their company’s culture, allowing for it to become a pillar of leadership within the company.

If still not convinced that this company does not scam its users, they are registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry and have their registration numbers published for full transparency. See this article to read some amazing reviews about them.


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