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The Colcom Foundation Wants To Protect Pennsylvania’s Community

The primary goal of the Colcom Foundation is to give back to the community. The foundation was founded in the 1990s by a woman who kept charitable problems at the forefront of her mind. The three focus areas of this prominent foundation are local environment, carrying capacity, and local community.

Let’s talk about the first interest of the Colcom Foundation: Local environment. When it comes to this focus area, the foundation supports on projects from many different cities across Pennsylvania. One of the projects that this excellent foundation supports is WeConservePA, a project dedicated to protecting land in Pennsylvania. The foundation also supports a project known as Westmoreland Land Trust.

Regarding the local community interest, this exceptional foundation strives to ensure that people in the state have a great overall quality of life. One of the organizations that this foundation supports is the Community Kitchen Pittsburg. The Community Kitchen Pittsburg is committed to help people in the area learn how to cook. The foundation also supports Scenic Pittsburg, an organization committed to ensuring that Pittsburg stays beautiful.

The last focus area of the foundation is carrying capacity. You are probably wondering what this interest even means. Put simply, Colcom Foundation is concerned about the effect of human population growth on the community. As a result, the foundation supports an organization known as Population Media Center. This successful center is on a mission to stop births that weren’t planned.

If Cordelia S. May, the founder of this successful foundation, were still living, she would be extremely proud of this foundation. Even after her death, this foundation has continued to receive many funds to support its unique mission.

If you would like to learn more about the Colcom Foundation, please don’t hesitate to check out its website. You can also give the foundation a call. Visit this page for related information.


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