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Yubo App Safety Guide Provides Tips For Being Safe Online

Is Yubo A Safe Space For Your Kids?

Yubo is a live-streaming platform developed in 2015. Their goal is to provide a fun and safe space for users to connect regardless of their location. Gen Z is the target user for the app. However, is it a safe platform for our kids? Yubo says yes, and they have safety features to keep everyone safe.

Two Separate Communities

Yubo has created a platform with separate communities. Users 18 and over are in a separate community than users 13 to 17. The two communities cannot interact. Younger users are forbidden to use the app. They have invested heavily in technological tools to ensure that users’ identities are authentic.

Stream Room Monitors

Safety is one of the utmost priorities for Yubo. To make sure that the streaming rooms are a safe place for all, there are room monitors. The in-house experts are constantly monitoring interactions between users. They scan all messages within the platform for potential problems.

Guidelines and Safety

All users are required to follow a strict set of guidelines. For example, streams containing sexual content, drugs, or violence are not allowed. Users need to be appropriately dressed. Users may not wear a swimsuit or underwear, and they may not be partially or fully nude. They prohibited illegal activity on the site as well. This includes selling illegal services and goods, accessing another user’s account, selling sexual services, promoting violence, hateful acts, and more. They immediately reported any sexual exploitation of users under 18 to the authorities.


To keep advertising and scams off the site, the platform gets its funding from subscriptions and in-app purchases. Advertising is not allowed in the discussion rooms either. The company is not a marketplace, and therefore, they do not want their users worried about scammers. They are the first platform to integrate such interventions to promote behavioral changes.